I’m Kathryn, I fell in love with photography when I was first handed a camera when I was five.

I started my photography career working in a professional lab which was attached to an advertising studio, I would print photos of anything from biscuits to lorries and everything in-between. I ran the black and white lab printing for hours under a red light and I loved it so much I had my own dark room first in the loft and then into the garage – I still miss the magic of seeing your photograph appear on the paper but I have to admit working digitally is easier and a lot less smelly

So How did I get into weddings?

I was really interested in photographing weddings, I love the social connections, couples and families getting together. The local vicar knew I wanted to start photographing weddings and knowing my work, he started recommending me for smaller weddings and I then approached a number of local wedding photographers and asked them if they needed an assistant or a second photographer and I was taken up by a few photographers who kept me busy for a few years as I built up my business.

I’m so lucky with my work meeting lots of interesting couples and families and have had the pleasure of photographing weddings all over the South East, South West, North Yorkshire, Lake District and even China (We were asked to go to Dubai but I was eight moths pregnant so sadly had to turn that one down )


Lawrence has trained in Design and Photography and has been based in the corporate and events industry for most of his working life. He loves to take the candid shots of everyone enjoying themselves and is normally found hiding behind a long lens taking shots that no one is aware of.

Lawrence blends in with the guests and is often mistaken for a guest himself. It’s great working with two photographers so we can capture so many more photos of you special day

We’ve been working together on weddings for over 20 years so we know how to compliment each others style and i love to see what he has taken when I edit all the photos

Lawrence has also recently invested in a drone, so depending on your venue and the weather, you may see some arial shots in your proof book